2017: The Year of Repeatable and Predictable Revenue

According to Chinese astrology, 2017 will be the year of the Rooster. And it’s predicted to bring new challenges that require quick thinking and practical solutions. After the volatility of 2016 – the year of the Monkey – I’m ready to face this next year with some creative pragmatism. And look for ways to build revenue on proven pathways.

Giving Partners a Lifecycle Advantage in the New Year

Even if you don't believe that your fate and fortune are written in the stars, the New Year promises to offer new ways to increase profits in less time and with better results. For you, that could mean checking out Cisco Lifecycle Advantage.

Built by partners, for partners, the new Cisco Lifecycle Advantage program is a simple, effortless customer engagement program that promotes adoption, simplifies renewals and allows you to easily refresh the core and upsell to higher value solutions. With Lifecycle Advantage Cisco partners can gain digital capabilities and fuel their marketing efforts using co-branded campaigns that address every stage of the post-sale journey. It will allow you to have a really personalized experience with the customer as they go through the entire lifecycle relationship.

Partners can also use Lifecycle Advantage data and analytics to simplify software and service renewals and more easily predict and anticipate customers’ needs and address them proactively. The end result is an improved customer onboarding process, increased customer satisfaction, streamlined renewals and repeatable and predictable revenue growth.

Creating a New Path to Profits is a Resolution We Can all Get Behind

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? In fact, partners who piloted the Lifecycle Advantage program reported a five-time increase in customer reach, a nine-time increase in click rates and a 20 percent increase in renewal close rates. Not only that, but using data, analytics and predictive metrics, partners can ensure the Cisco products and services they offer deliver the business outcomes customers expect.

Check out how Lifecycle Advantage helped improve customer satisfaction and accelerate renewal growth for Cisco Gold Partner, Red River. Watch this video for an inside perspective.

To learn how Cisco’s Lifecycle Advantage can help you reap the bottom-line benefits of creating customers for life, visit http://www.digitalinnovation.com/partners.

If you are not a partner with Cisco, learn how to get started today. And from all of us, Happy New Year!

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