Accelerating Digital Transformation to Enhance Customer Experiences

Harrods, the world’s most famous department store, employs a sense of theatrics to offer customers something else – an experience. Pushing nearly 200-years-old, Europe’s biggest and most extravagant department store has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation and relies heavily upon digitization to drive how customers interact with the brand.

By putting technology at the heart of the brand, Harrods has made the luxury department store an exciting place to visit and continually entices customers by keeping them in contact with great digital messages and creativity. Cisco digital technology has enabled Harrods to not only communicate effectively with customers in-store and online, but it provides the appeal and connectivity with the customers of tomorrow.

After nearly two centuries of retail success you have to give it to Harrods and their commitment to using digital technology to make the entire customer experience more seamless, more effective and a more efficient and profitable way of doing business. At Cisco we share a similar goal as we strive to align our business model to the way our customers want to consume our technology and it’s why we introduced the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) this past March.

Cisco DNA provides an open, software-driven platform that integrates critical innovations in networking software, such as virtualization, automation, analytics, and cloud into one architecture. It delivers a roadmap to digitization and helps enable business and IT to innovate faster, reduce costs and lower risk with services that are easy to deploy, manage and consume. Simply put, it provides a digital ready network for a new era.

What previously took two to three weeks to get up and running, now only takes a day or two. Cisco DNA facilitates the consumption of services available inside the operating system making things easier to integrate and also allows customers to do more around the lifecycle of their devices.

The industry has embraced Cisco DNA and now Cisco is making it easier and more profitable to sell. Cisco is giving partners quickstart vouchers for DNA deals over $300,000 where you cab earn a $7,500 voucher that you control. Partners can use the voucher to offset the cost of professional services associated with deploying Cisco’s software solutions. And now with more software at the same price, more solutions, more incentives and better training Cisco partners have a clear path to increased sales and profitable growth.

Visit Cisco Digital Innovation Together to learn more about Cisco DNA and what it takes for partners to succeed and be more profitable in these rapidly changing times.

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