Microsoft Ignite: Data Is The Fuel That Powers AI

By Alan Strakey
January 16, 2024

Unlock the full potential of data and AI with Microsoft Azure's advanced cloud platform. Discover the latest announcements from Microsoft Ignite, empowering businesses to modernize their data infrastructure and develop intelligent applications to seamlessly achieve strategic objectives.

Microsoft Ignite: Data Is The Fuel That Powers AI

When it comes to AI, data should not be an afterthought. Instead, think of data as the new fuel and AI as the accelerator that drives transformation.


A modern data and analytics platform is only as good as its data. In this era of AI, Microsoft Azure stands out as the ideal environment for businesses to manage their data efficiently, thanks to innovative additions across their database portfolio. Here are some of the most exciting announcements made at Microsoft Ignite 2023 that will enable organizations to update their data infrastructure, build intelligent applications, and integrate AI technologies to support their business goals:


Microsoft Fabric is now generally available. Deliver an integrated and streamlined experience across all analytics workloads and users on a robust enterprise grade foundation.


  • OneLake Integration means you only need to load your data into your lake once and utilize a single copy across all Microsoft Fabric workloads and engines. This minimizes duplication or sprawl.
  • Azure AI Studio and Microsoft Fabric's seamless integration is powering a new era in AI-driven innovation. With this powerful combination, you can confidently create AI solutions and customized models in Azure AI Studio, using data that is integrated and cleaned in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Copilot in Microsoft Fabric enables developers and IT professionals to build efficient data analytics solutions more quickly by using natural language.
  • Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric offers a modern approach to accessing and seamlessly ingesting data from any database or data warehouse into the data warehousing experience within Microsoft Fabric.
  • Microsoft Purview Integration allows users to apply Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels to classify sensitive data in Microsoft Fabric. It also allows them to define data loss prevention policies and automatically capture user and system operations in audit logs.

Build Intelligent Applications with Cloud-Scale Data

Combine the potential of AI, cloud-scale data and cloud-native app development to create unique digital experiences. With the latest from Azure, you can build adaptive, responsive, and personalized applications. 


  • Vector search in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is revolutionizing the management of data. This new feature enables developers to seamlessly integrate Azure Cosmos DB stored data into AI powered applications, including those utilizing Azure OpenAI Service embeddings for highly relevant and precise search capabilities.
  • Microsoft Copilot for Azure capabilities in Azure Cosmos DB are now in public preview. Customers can utilize the Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer to transform data inquiries into Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL queries. By harnessing the capabilities of Azure OpenAI, it enhances productivity and reduces query development time. 
  • Azure AI Extension for Azure Database for PostgreSQL is now in preview. The Azure AI extension allows developers to leverage large language models to generate vector embeddings and build advanced generative AI applications within PostgreSQL.

The potential for AI to drive transformation across various industries organizations and everyday life is expected to continue at a rapid pace this year. Microsoft Azure is dedicated to helping you achieve greater success for your business. For more information, read the blog post by Jessica Hawk, Corporate VP, data, AI, and digital applications, product marketing at Microsoft, or watch the Microsoft Ignite event on-demand.