Instead of Selling, Help Your Customers Buy

As salespeople, we often push new technologies and services on customers that we feel are best in class, the latest and greatest or promise to future proof their IT platform. In most cases, this approach works well and can be quite profitable, but sometimes it doesn’t completely fulfill the customer’s needs and we leave money on the table. Instead of trying to sell, we should turn our focus on helping our customers buy.

So what do we mean by this? After you’ve decided on the ideal solution that best fits the customer’s needs you should work with them to figure out the best way to fund the investment. By offering flexible financing options you’re not just enabling the customer to fund the acquisition in a way that best suits their needs, you’re giving them a new approach to business that offers important financial, technical and operation benefits.

When a customer opts to finance everybody wins. They reduce total cost of ownership and you gain control over the entire account – you get the physical and the financial footprint. Following are ten good reasons why you should offer financing:

  1. Overcome Customer Objections: Options allow you to stay focused on converting customer needs and growing your business.

  2. Increase deal size: Deals can be up to 30% larger when financing is included. (Bain Consulting, 2012).

  3. Close deals faster: Financing a solution makes the decision to buy easier, helping you shorten the sales cycle.

  4. Stay ahead of your competitors: Increasing your value and engaging more strategically will make you a trusted advisor and differentiates you from your competitors.

  5. Your customers expect it: Over 50% of customers expect financing options to be provided as part of a proposal.

  6. Help your customers reserve cash and lower TCO: Scheduled payments over time helps customers take control of budgets and expenditure.

  7. Increase customer loyalty: Strengthen relationships and create future sales opportunities by helping customers plan their strategic technology roadmap.

  8. Close more profitable deal for your business: Retain valuable margins by offering solutions that show manageable regular payments rather than the total price.

  9. Improve company cash flow: Get paid directly by the financing company and stop waiting on customer payments.

  10. Improve your personal sales performance: Become the envy of your peers and achieve greater success!

Download this e-book to get all the benefits of offering financing. Or, visit Cisco Digital Innovation Together to learn how to close more sales, increase profits and enhance services by providing your customers with innovative, comprehensive financing solutions to address their critical business needs.

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