Cisco DNA Has Revolutionized A Stale Network Architecture

When Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) was first announced in early March it was heralded by the press and analysts as a true game changer. We were confident we were not only moving business technology forward, but also changing the DNA of enterprises that have been using old and antiquated network architectures that are inflexible, cumbersome and difficult to manage.

In just a few short months we’ve exceeded our own expectations. There are already phenomenal stories from customers and partners on how DNA has transformed their business providing faster innovation, greater productivity and lower costs.

It doesn’t end there. As mobility, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to transform IT in new and exciting ways, they’re putting immense pressure on the network. With Cisco DNA you can take your customers’ network infrastructure into the new digital era. Using cloud, controllers and automation, DNA delivers a powerful and secure digital experience from IT to the boardroom.

Cisco DNA is an open, extensible and software driven architecture that enables new digital applications for digital business. With a virtual network, organizations can run their services and applications on any device, using the technologies that best suit their needs. DNA simplifies network operations with automation and orchestration and integrates security into the enterprise, by using the network as a control point for threat awareness, reporting and mitigation.

Do your customers have a digital ready network? If not, then Cisco DNA is your roadmap to their digital future. It helps companies and their IT departments innovate faster, reduce costs and lower risk with services that are easy for customers to consume. Simply put, it will prepare them to respond to new opportunities at digital speed and provide business agility in a number of ways:

  • Faster data and insights provides business data for better decision-making, new revenue streams and support for new business models
  • A simplified network and automation process allow customers to adapt to new business requirements, while meeting service level requirements
  • Threat identification through real-time network-wide visibility and instant mitigation yields sustainable compliance

There’s never been a better time to accelerate your customer’s digital transformation with a digital-ready network. Make sure to read the 10 Networking Priorities for Digital Transformation white paper to see what is needed by solution providers to help their customers accomplish digital transformation with Cisco DNA.

Visit Cisco Digital Innovation Together to learn more about Cisco DNA and what it takes for partners to succeed and be more profitable in these rapidly changing times.

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