A Better Way to Buy and Manage Software for the Data Center

The process of buying, deploying and managing software has become time-consuming and labor-intensive for organizations of all sizes. Customers pay a bundled price for the hardware and software requiring large upfront investment to pay for the products. Then the IT department has to keep track of hundreds of separate licenses, each tied to a specific piece of hardware. And when it’s time for a refresh, they have to go through the same laborious process as they incur the cost of repurchasing the licenses. 

Cisco ONE™ Software simplifies the process. It provides a new and flexible way for customers to buy software for their wide area networks (WAN), access network and data centers. Using specially priced bundles, Cisco ONE lets the customer transfer usage rights across multiple generations of Cisco products, saving them time and money. Plus, they can deploy new capabilities and innovations as they are developed without having to pay additional licensing fees.

The goal of the Cisco ONE bundles is to group software into solutions aimed at specific business use cases. Let’s take a look at how Cisco ONE for Data Center, part of the Cisco ONE Software family, allows users to choose from physical, virtual, and cloud-based data centers for greater business agility and faster application delivery.

  • Cisco ONE for Data Center: Move workloads and resources quickly and securely between different private, public and hybrid clouds models and in compliance with policies.
  • Cisco ONE Foundation for Data Center Networking: Deliver automation to simplify management of compute and virtual network environments while improving visibility and consistency across physical and virtual networks.
  • Cisco ONE for Data Center Compute: Deploy foundational automation and increase security across computing and virtual infrastructure layers in private and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite: Manage and deploy next-generation applications, existing enterprise applications and their underlying infrastructure by providing the automation, visibility, and control needed to improve agility.
  • Cisco ONE Data Center Fabric: Builds on the capabilities in the foundation layer, helping to create a scalable, intelligent network by converging LANs and SANs.

For customers, Cisco ONE provides greater flexibility and double-digit savings over traditional "a la carte" pricing models. Cisco partners benefit from realizing deal sizes that are 10-to-20 percent larger when selling Cisco ONE bundles. Add in Software Support Service contracts and a subscription model, partners will develop even more recurring revenues.

Download the Cisco ONE Datacenter Infographic to learn more. Or, visit Cisco Digital Innovation Together to see how Cisco ONE helps make buying, managing and upgrading network and infrastructure software easier.

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