Cisco Tetration Analytics is Changing the Data Center. Are You Ready?


Alan Strakey - Content Writer, on behalf of Cisco


The data center, as we know it, has changed. With more business than ever happening online and with increased bandwidth needs being driven by trends such as big data, mobile computing, server virtualization, and cloud migration, the data center has become incredibly complex. Whether it’s a private cloud infrastructure for a global enterprise or a small server closet in an SMB, visibility into these complex environments is getting murky.

Think of it this way — imagine your customer standing in the street outside of their home. From there they see that they’ve left the lights and the TV on in the living room. However, from their position they can’t see if the faucet is running, which windows were left open, or if the oven is still turned on. That’s the problem with the data center of today. We don’t know what’s happening inside our data centers: how applications are interacting, how they’re connected, or even how many there are. Imagine if you could offer customers this level of visibility. Now you can.

The new Cisco Tetration Analytics solves the visibility challenge. It’s a revolutionary open platform that provides pervasive data center visibility and insight at a level that’s never been reached before, and at a scale never possible before. Cisco Tetration Analytics collects data in real time using a mix of network/hardware sensors that monitor every single packet at line rate and server/software sensors with very low overhead (<1% CPU).

Powered by big data technologies, Cisco Tetration Analytics stores up to a year’s worth of data, analyzes it, and translates it into actionable insights allowing organizations to make informed decisions and intelligent changes quickly, so they can grow, simplify, connect, and secure their business. Additionally, it provides application dependencies, automated white-list policy recommendations, policy impact analysis, detection of policy deviation, and network flow forensics.

Cisco partners have already taken advantage of this new found visibility into the data center to offer customers the ability to review the past and replay events in real-time, plan for the future, and even freeze time and examine exactly what happened at a specific second. This capabilitiy lets you show immediate value in your application consulting engagements, uncover new infrastructure resale opportunities, and sell more application migration services.

And, if your customer is still standing in the street looking at their home, the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform just gave them the ability to monitor their entire home network and control their lighting schedule and appliances, adjust their thermostat settings, and make sure their doors and windows are locked securely and the security alarm is turned on…all from their fingertips on the Cisco Analytics Tetration they bought from you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform please click here or join us in our upcoming Cisco Live Las Vegas event where we will discuss details about the platform and specific use cases.

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