Finding Insights at the End of the Data Tunnel

Data. It’s the lifeblood of digital transformation. And managing data that’s constantly flowing into your company requires combining capacity, performance and economics. Even more, finding insight inside that data comes down to how quickly and reliably you can work through it. Companies transforming for the digital era must capture these insights. Otherwise, the data is just noise – leaving you stuck with little chance to move forward.

Earlier this month we announced UCS-S for purpose built data intensive workloads. This is a strong addition to our data center portfolio, which is fueled by you. UCS-S enables your customers to activate, analyze, and act on data in real time and accelerate digital transformation.

The Cisco UCS created the modern technology foundation you need for initiatives, such as private cloud, big data, and desktop virtualization. As part of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, it enables you to deliver the hybrid cloud environments your customers demand with lower costs and higher scale through automation. This means big opportunities for you by creating new business models and recurring revenue for your business.

With our UCS as a platform approach, with blades, racks, HyperFlex (hyperconverged), converged infrastructure stacks, and, now storage optimized servers, you can deliver simplicity via UCS Manager, UCS Director, and, our Fabric Interconnects – customers do not want multiple management silos.

We know when we talk applications, we are talking business outcomes, and, when we talk business outcomes, we are not only expanding our opportunity, but, we are increasing the relevancy we deliver to our customers.

Cisco’s UCS-S Series is the next step in driving your profitability and enabling your customers to turn a challenge into a competitive advantage. And because it’s a subscription-based solution, not only do you create value for your customers, you also position yourself as a trusted advisor for years to come.

Get to know the new UCS-S Series.

Opportunities with the new UCS-S exist whether you are focused on solution selling, consulting or data services. The time is now to unlock the active data opportunity and position your customers for success!

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