The Increasing Need for Real Time Pervasive Visibility

In a world where everything is becoming connected and digital transformation is moving more businesses online, enterprise organizations need to know everything that’s happening inside the data center – complete visibility into everything in real time – to optimize resources, speed time-to-market, and harness the power of the cloud.

As organizations pursue more aggressive digital strategies to handle an unprecedented amount of mobile and network traffic, there still remains a need for basic disaster and recovery, business continuity, and security. Similarly, forward-looking enterprises are proactively planning for policy compliancy, SDN migration, and transitioning to a zero-trust security model that includes white list policies. It’s all incredibly complex and without comprehensive visibility into the data center, even the most seasoned IT professionals will be left behind.

The new Cisco Tetration Analytics platform delivers pervasive and complete visibility across everything in the data center in real time. It uses hardware and software sensors to deliver advanced behavior-based application insight with deep forensics that is critical for data center operations. Cisco Tetration Analytics provides organizations with a highly secure and reliable zero-trust model that will simplify operations; help migrate applications faster while making changes intelligently.

brad casemore,tetration,analytics,cisco dnaBrad Casemore, research director for data center networks at IDC, says: “Real-time analytics – based on recent advances in unsupervised machine learning, behavior analysis, and visualization – facilitate the pervasive visibility required to gain insight into and control over application mobility, security, and datacenter-wide infrastructure. Cisco is delivering on the rich promise of real-time analytics, with application-behavior insights, policy simulation and impact analysis, automated whitelist policy generation, long-term data retention for forensics and analysis, and the capacity to detect policy deviations within minutes."

Cisco Tetration Analytics is like a time machine for the data center, enabling organizations to watch a replay what has happened in the past, view what is happening in the present in real time, and model what could happen in the future.

To find out more about the new Cisco Tetration Analytics platform, read the IDC Technology Spotlight or watch IDC’s Brad Casemore share how Cisco enables data center operations to handle the challenges of digital transformation.

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