Why the New Cisco HyperFlex Systems are a Big Deal for the Channel

While the volume of digital data in the universe is doubling every two years and changing how we live, budgets are not growing at the same pace. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was developed to leverage the economic benefits of software-defined storage but early iterations have been limited in their capabilities and unable to keep pace with the exponential growth of digital data.

At this year’s Partner Summit, Cisco announced a new HCI product family that will significantly impact the channel. Cisco’s new hyper-converged infrastructure product line called HyperFlex™ Systems represents a true hyperconvergence, combining innovative software defined storage and data services software with Cisco UCS, the proven system that unifies servers and networking. Cisco HyperFlex Systems are the first complete end-to-end hyperconverged solutions positioned as simpler to deploy and easier to manage alternatives to Nutanix and other startups in the fast emerging hyper-converged space.

With Cisco HyperFlex Systems, we’re delivering the capabilities customers have been waiting for in a hyperconverged solution. By combining compute, storage, and networking into a simplified, easy-to-use platform, we can offer:

  • Rapid deployment of complete hyperconvergence including networking fabric and server management
  • Flexible, adaptive, and independent scaling of compute, network or storage capacity
  • Intuitive and simplified management using familiar tools such as VMware vCenter and UCS Manager
  • Up to 40 percent higher performance than competitive solutions

What really sets Cisco HyperFlex Systems apart from existing solutions is a purpose-built log structured file system that was developed through a strategic partnership with Springpath. Here’s why this is important:

  1. Independent Scaling - HX Data Platform is designed for independent scaling of compute, caching, or capacity, allowing full flexibility to scale the environment based on evolving business needs
  2. Continuous Data Optimization – always-on inline data deduplication and inline compression provide highly-efficient resource utilization, minimizing overall IT footprint
  3. Simplified Data Management – storage functionality is integrated into existing management tools allowing instant provisioning, cloning, and snapshotting of applications, dramatically simplifying daily operations
  4. Dynamic Data Distribution – incoming data is securely distributed and optimized across servers and storage tiers in the cluster, eliminating performance bottlenecks to achieve high IO performance

By extending our strategy of software defined, policy driven infrastructure to hyperconvergence, Cisco is accelerating mainstream adoption of this valuable technology. The Cisco HyperFlex Systems portfolio simplifies the complexity in the growing storage marketplace while providing customers with a future-ready platform for evolving applications.

Watch this short video to learn more. Or, visit Digital Innovation to finds out how Cisco HyperFlex Systems can accelerate your customers’ digital transformation.

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