7 Ways to Develop and Grow an IoT Business

There’s no denying the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing and improving the daily lives of people around the world. As more and more things are connected, the prevailing questions remain – what can we do with all the data? How can your customers leverage IoT to improve their business? And how can you capitalize on IoT to grow your business?

Try these seven IoT strategies to build revenue opportunities, create a competitive advantage and secure customers for life. 

  1. Be the IoT Information Expert – Customers are thirsting for IoT guidance. Use their curiosity as a natural “opener” for discussions centered on business objectives. Give them a sense of what IoT is and how your expertise can meet their needs.
  1. Know Your New IT Buyers – The key is to bridge the gap between IT and Operation Technology (OT). Engage with OT first to define the business challenges and recommend viable solutions that deliver results. Then talk IT through implementation and maintenance.
  1. Use Executive Briefings – Use these business settings to show customers and prospects how IoT can help make their products or services more accessible and visible for customers today and in the future.
  1. Build and Leverage IoT Marketing Assets –Develop IoT marketing assets centered on ROI to tell your story. Use them to show customers and prospects how IoT benefits their business in the short and long-term.
  1. Leverage Your Customer Relationships – Ask for OT introductions from your existing IT relationships. Partner with the Cisco IoT team to show customers how clear and simple a solution can be – and connect the IoT initiative to specific business outcomes. 
  1. Become an IoT Specialized Partner – Tap into the Cisco global network to get immediate credibility in this growing category. Enter the IoT market certified to deliver results and driven by the momentum of the Cisco Value Add Partner Program.
  1. Start Building Your IoT Offering – Follow these steps to offer valuable IoT solutions: (1) Target the top 1-2 verticals of your install base and establish the right leads. (2) Identify the horizontal IoT technologies to see how they align with your target’s business. (3) Discuss your ideas and plans with a Cisco Account Manager ensuring you have a powerful IoT story.

If you aren’t part of the Cisco #IoT ecosystem, now’s the time to join. Download this e-book to learn more about developing and growing a profitable IoT business. Or, check out other content on Cisco Digital Innovation Together to see what Cisco is doing to accelerate digital business transformation and helping customers to realize their future through technology.

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