Digital Transformation: Create the Outcome and Drive the Bottom Line

Talk to analysts, IT staff or even different vendors and you’ll find a hundred different ways to define Digital Transformation. Cisco defines Digital Transformation as the application of technology to build new business models, processes, software and systems that results in more profitable revenue, greater competitive advantage, and higher efficiency. Businesses achieve this by evolving business processes and models, improving workforce efficiency and innovation, and personalizing customer experiences.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Now that we’ve established what Digital Transformation is, let’s look at its impact on business. Digital Transformation is disrupting businesses of all types and sizes and in every industry around the world and it will displace nearly 40% incumbents by industry over the next five years. It is becoming the norm, not the exception, and it’s the number one concern for executives. However, only a few companies and countries are truly prepared and have a digital business platform in place that is results driven and enabled by technology.

Download this infographic that provides an illustrated explanation of the power and impact of Digital Transformation and how visionary leaders are responding to the seismic shift that’s changing their industries and competitors.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Cisco

In order to make your Digital Transformation journey more successful you have to be digital and sell digital. Cisco can help with both. We have a robust portfolio of software, solutions and services. And digital solutions that improve customer and workforce experience, and simplify and automate business processes. Combine those with offers from other partners in our expanded partner ecosystem, which places emphasis on the relationships among a network of trusted partners, and you are ready to transform. Go to market with multi-vendor solutions and land bigger deals.

Our partner ecosystem is so critical to our business. We’ve found that when partners go to market together and build a single solution, they close bigger deals and open up opportunities for recurring revenue. See how CDW, Avant and Peak 10 did just that with Benchmark Hospitality.

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There’s never been a better time to transform your business. No matter where you are in your Digital Transformation, Cisco can help you build a smarter, faster, and more competitive business that will drive customer results and profitability.

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