New Study Reveals Cisco ONE Software Delivers 365% ROI

IT analyst firm, IDC, recently projected software spending will be the fastest growing technology market segment with a 6.7% CAGR. Applications that facilitate enterprise and IT operations will receive the greatest share of software spending and the fastest growing software categories will be network software, collaborative applications and data access, analytics and delivery applications.

Even though software spending is on the rise, IT is under increasing pressure to innovate and wring even more value out of existing systems. To do this effectively customers need choices, flexibility and customized solutions that adapt to specific requirements and deliver compelling ROI. Simply put, clients need to see the effect on the bottom line – before they sign on the dotted line.

Cisco ONE Software provides an unbelievable opportunity to give customers an easier and better way to buy and consume Cisco networking and infrastructure software while enhancing their ROI. By giving organizations the ability to purchase the right software capabilities to address their current and future business needs, Cisco ONE Software offers greater value and more flexibility:

  • A Simple Set of Software Suites: instead of a la carte features
  • Aligned to Business Outcomes: designed for the most relevant use cases such as DC automation, intelligent WAN and personalized experiences over wireless and more
  • More Value to the Customer: raises the bar for traditional infrastructure software through better together pricing, license portability and access to ongoing innovation

Because it’s so important to understand how Cisco ONE Software can directly support the most important business initiatives, let’s look at a real-world use case where a focus on budget scrutiny revealed an unbelievable level of ROI.

Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Cisco ONE Software. This is available in the recently published Total Economic Impact™ Research Study.

Forrester interviewed a global consulting firm in its first year using Cisco ONE Software and projected a ROI of 365% over a 10-year timeframe. Better yet, the results showed an almost immediate payback period and a high net present value (NPV) of more than $600,000. Download this intuitive infographic to learn more.

The bottom line on Cisco ONE Software: it’s a valuable and flexible way to make buying, managing and upgrading network and infrastructure software easier. Enterprise customers get more choice and greater ROI. Partners expand their software selling capabilities and create new hardware refresh opportunities. Everybody wins.

Visit Cisco Digital Innovation Together to find out how you can deliver record levels of ROI with Cisco ONE Software.

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