Full Speed to Profitability at #CiscoPS16

This week I’ll be heading to San Francisco for Cisco Partner Summit, one of my favorite events of the year. It’s an exciting time to be in our industry. Everything is moving incredibly fast, creating opportunity after opportunity.

Getting a chance to meet face-to-face with partners to discuss how we will capitalize on these opportunities, hear their feedback and succeed together in this digital era is extremely valuable.

During our Americas Session on Tuesday, I will touch on a lot, but I wanted to give a quick preview of what to expect.

Our Americas Partner Organization lives by our “3 E’s” when it comes to succeeding together: Engage, Enable and Evolve.

Those 3 E’s are designed to help us all move at Full Speed to profitability.

How do we maximize profitability at full speed? How do our most profitable partners Engage, Enable and Evolve?

  1. Support their core business through new delivery models
  2. Lead with security
  3. Form new relationships with LOB buyers
  4. Accelerate recurring revenue
  5. Leverage the power of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem

The last point is definitely not the least when it comes to the success of our partners.

An ecosystem of partners is critical today to solve our customers’ digitization challenges and be profitable as we embrace new digital business models. There will be a strong line of messaging around the importance and power of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, including a Cisco Ecosystem Partner Connections event hosted by our VP of WW Partner Sales, Denny Trevett.

We are also expanding our digital solutions and transformation segment. We have listened to many consulting firms and systems integrators and discovered great examples of how they are changing business processes and models for our mutual customers. These Digital Solutions Integrators represent a new role for our ecosystem at Cisco and will be a highlight of the event.

Track all the action and join the conversation around the new Digital Solutions Integrator role using the #CiscoDSI hashtag.

Speaking of Twitter, be sure to follow me for highlights, pictures and insight around the event. I’ve only scratched the surface here - and Engage with me - I look forward to your questions and feedback.


Whether you are attending live, via Virtual Partner Summit, or following from afar join the conversation using the official event hashtag #CiscoPS16

Cisco partners will also be able to access the Americas session and much more on SalesConnect after the event.

For more information on how to best use SalesConnect as a partner, contact your Partner Account Manager. It’s a secret weapon and game changer for our most successful partners.