Reimagine a Digital Reality with Cisco Tetration Analytics

As we move into an era of complete digitization, organizations everywhere are rethinking how they approach their infrastructure to create a better tomorrow for their customers and employees. Business leaders realize they must begin their digital transformation journey now, or risk fundamental business disruption or even obsolescence. Unfortunately, many organizations are missing out because they lack a comprehensive and effective data center security strategy.

Data Center Visibility on a Whole New Scale

Cisco believes security always starts with visibility and the network plays a critical role in providing world-class security architecture. Cisco Tetration Analytics™ is a revolutionary data center and networking analytics solution designed to address the operational problems and security challenges organizations face as a result of insufficient visibility into their data center environments.

Cisco Tetration Analytics combines unsupervised machine learning, behavior analysis and intelligent algorithms to bring new levels of network and security analytics to the data center, using both software and hardware sensors. On an ongoing basis, Tetration Analytics collects network flows and uses them to generate application connectivity patterns. It provides a better, more complete understanding of application behavior that can be used for migrating applications, simulating the effects of proposed changes, monitoring to ensure policy compliance and searching flows for forensic needs.

Why We Made Ourselves Our Own Best Client

We believe in the value of Cisco Tetration Analytics so much that we hired ourselves and became our own client. Cisco IT has implemented the Cisco Tetration Analytics solution as part of a plan to move all Cisco data centers and thousands of applications to a Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) design. The goal of this implementation is to better understand dependencies among applications in order to simplify the ACI migration effort and enable adoption of the ACI whitelist security model.

What we found amazed even us. Predictions indicate that we’ll need 70% less staff time to carry out application traffic analyses and establish zero-trust operational environments by using Cisco Tetration Analytics and SDN. As a result, Cisco IT will realize staff time-savings of 3,650 hours for every 100 applications migrated to our SDN zero-trust security environment.

Download the IDC Business Value Brief to see the details in this storyline and the many additional benefits Cisco IT can expect to receive with Tetration Analytics – check it out!


Cisco Tetration Analytics can help accelerate your client’s digital transformation journey. Click here to learn how to help them re-imagine their application performance and improving data center security. It’s amazing what is possible when technology and business strategies come together seamlessly.

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