Security and Partners: Full Speed Ahead

At our Global Sales Conference last month, the discussion centered around being a part of the customer’s digital journey and the critical role we play in helping customers transform. Together with partners, we enable our customers to create personalized experiences, empower workforce efficiency and transform business models. We are also trusted partners in our customers’ digital journey.

A centerpiece of that journey is security. Cisco’s security portfolio has never been stronger or more comprehensive than it is right now. This creates an enormous opportunity for Cisco and partners to deepen the trust and strengthen the relationship we have with our customers, be more profitable and uncover new business.

The Time Is Now for Organizations to Address Their Aging Infrastructure

All IT leaders think about the security of their organization. Together we can help them secure their business successfully.

A Top Priority

Security is a top priority for Cisco. This is evident by the focus we’ve put on expanding our security portfolio internally and through acquisitions. In the past 3 years, we’ve invested nearly $5B in R & D and acquisitions. We also have nearly 5,000 people focused on security.

We’ve done this because digitization knows no bounds. Organizations’ security must be prepared to protect the entire landscape of their business. We are committed to being a leader in end-to-end security solutions in order to do just that for customers. Cisco’s approach to security addresses the full attack continuum: Before, during, and after. Point-in-time detection is no longer sufficient in our era.

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Being able to rely on a single vendor for nearly all your customers’ security needs provides the simplest route to market partners can take to the customer. We can make it easy for partners to make it easy on customers.

Partners are paramount to our continued success in being a leading security vendor and ultimately our customers’ successful digital transformation.

Be More Profitable. Earn Trust.

When you partner with Cisco on security, you expand your portfolio and potential customer base by having access to ours. This also allows you to increase deal sizes and be more profitable, all the while delivering important outcomes for customers and unlocking new discussions around security. Security can also become a business enabler. If the security concern is alleviated, organizations can focus on growing their business rather than worrying about advanced threats.

By working comprehensively with customers on their various security needs, partners broaden and deepen their trust with them. By earning trust from your customers, you can become their business advisor. Being an advisor to customers allows you to become an extension of their organization, which makes the next transaction more likely and seamless.

Leverage our Robust Security Resources for Partners

Take advantage of the enormous energy we’ve put into security. For partners, there is a wide range of training, tools, assets, knowledge and more available to enable you to sell Cisco security and engage with customers.

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Winning in Security

Digitization and IoT can increase complexity and the level of risk to an organization. However, with a new approach to security, together we can leverage digitization to be a competitive advantage while reducing that risk and complexity. 

It’s pretty simple; we’re here to beat the bad guys posing threats to businesses. We plan to win by moving strategically with partners at the speed of digitization, so customers can rely on us for their security needs, while they focus on successfully growing their business.

Let’s win this together.

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