Strategic Principles for Selling Software in the Digital Age

The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Space Age…. all periods of rapid change and development in human history. More recently, we’ve been living in the Information Age with unprecedented access to data and the challenge of using it effectively.  That’s evolved into the Digital Age where digital disruption is today’s game changer.

Today, in the Digital Age, IT is critical to success. Without help navigating all things digital, your customers are likely to struggle with growth, profitability, and competition...How can you help? Is there an opportunity in this for you? Yes. You can become the digital expert your customers rely on. And we have the resources to equip you to build your practice and revenue growth around software.

 Every age needs new experts to play new roles. The Digital Age is no exception. That’s why we’re introducing the new Lifecycle Advisor role within our software business. This provides an opportunity for members of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem to move from just selling software to driving business outcomes by helping customers activate and adopt the software, and renew the subscription terms.

As a Lifecycle Advisor, you can also expect:

  • Recurring software revenues for licenses and support
  • Professional and consulting services revenue
  • Customer ‘stickiness’ and loyalty
  • Brand recognition and incremental business

The Lifecycle Advisor role not only recognizes partners who support Cisco customers’ software adoption, but also offers new incentives based on performance across Adopt, Expand and Renew

Be that essential expert for your customers. Help them take the journey into the Digital Age. Find out how this program can help you build your expertise, expand your software practice, and grow your revenue by helping customers to make the most of their IT investments.  

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